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Riters R Us

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Writing tips, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation tips.
This community is intended as a resource for fan fic writers, betas and anyone else interested in improving their writing. I will try to post something every day similar to the "Daily Doozies" I've been putting up on my personal lj for the past month. In addition, I welcome submissions, questions, suggested subjects for doozies or urls of good resources for writers.

I'll be putting (a bit at a time) potentially useful things in the tags/memories where they can be accessed easily. I'll have my long (and getting longer) list of homonyms, a list of urls of resources, a list of useful books, essays about writing in general and about writing fan fiction.

If you think you have things to contribute, or if you just want to see what is available, join us and let's all work toward better writing in the stories we enjoy.