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never would or would never [18 Dec 2014|07:05pm]

I wrote this line: I would never have thought of that.
As I was editing, I changed it to this: I never would have thought of that.
I think I'm going with this: I wouldn't have thought of that.

But, between the first two versions, which is correct and why? The second seems more right to me but I don't know why.

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Exasperated vs. Exacerbated [14 Oct 2014|11:32am]

In reading a court decision for work today, I ran across this little gem:

"...the condition was exasperated by the death of his mother."

Exasperated: verb (used with object), to irritate or provoke to a high degree; annoy extremely.

Exacerbated: verb (used with object), to increase the severity, bitterness, or violence of (disease, ill feeling, etc.) Or to embitter the feelings of (a person); irritate, exasperate.

So, while a person might be exasperated by his condition, a condition cannot be exasperated because a condition does not have feelings.
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Yes, we are still here! [08 Sep 2014|09:05am]

I am a sucky mod. It is what it is. I'm never sure who, if anybody, still sees this journal anyway (although we have had a few member posts lately, so Yay! for that). However, this article on proofreading (not editing - proofreading. That thing you do when the story is ready for its close-up) is excellent. It touches some of the things we've mentioned here in the past - reading in a different font/size/format being the one that I think works best for spotting errors - but it also has some ideas and advice that's new.

You can find the article by e-book publisher J W Manus here

ETA: I had a typo in the post that I didn't notice until I saw the actual post. See what I mean? :) more ETA - and I had one in the title (which I don't proofread - bad SMS!) that was spotted by the eagle-eyed silk_labyrinth.
Actually, I had two typos in the title - Thanks to pickamix for pointing out that my "fix" hadn't really fixed anything. Murphy's Law at work, folks!
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"Is it ever okay to dangle your participle in public?" [06 Sep 2014|11:41am]

An entertaining but thoughtful article pointing out that although dangling modifiers mustn't be ambiguous, some are not necessarily ungrammatical.
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Weird Al for Grammar [17 Aug 2014|01:30am]


Just thought it'd be appreciated here.
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[14 Aug 2014|12:08pm]

Although there are times when a sentence ending with a preposition is weakened and requires rephrasing, there are many instances in which it works just fine. Where did the edict "Never end a sentence with a preposition" come from? Here's a short but interesting article about a failed attempt during the 1600s to establish an academy that would have formalized and codified English.
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punctuation stuff [24 Jul 2014|10:32am]

This is a post in a writing blog that is entertaining and has some useful information about using punctuation when we're not sending tweets or texts to our friends. I'm a teensy bit hesitant to put it up here because it has throughout some deliberate examples of poor punctuation and spelling that I'm hoping everyone will realize are deliberate and for entertainment's sake. *crosses fingers* It also begins with what I think is a major mistake in verb tense - and I really don't know if that was intentional or not. There's no reason for it; it's not drawing attention to anything she is going to be discussing, so I dunno. I think the safest things is to give the author the benefit of the doubt and assume all mistakes are intentional on her part. Otherwise, I will have just given you a link to a blog on writing by someone who can't do it correctly.... (For those who go on to read it, her point about too many ellipsis is a good one; however, when the 3-dot ellipses is ending a sentence, it is followed by a period. I hope she knows that and just didn't mention it.)

Oh dear. Now I don't know if I should link to it or not! LOL I glanced at a few other posts, and I didn't see any mistakes, and she seems to have been making a living as a writer of some sort, so I'm going to go with it.
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Feel like your story is too bulky? Need to trim the fat? + [18 Jul 2014|11:19pm]

I found this wonderful article on how to cut out the excess without cutting out whole scenes.

Great advice if you want to get your fic in the running for an award and they have a cap on the word count.

It's also just a good idea in general to streamline your writing when you can.

Also here a couple of posts I made about what I've learned about writing in general that I'm sure most of you already know but I'm going to link to these anyway.

I think the second post is important in understanding why there are certain rules to good fiction writing. (Adverbs and dialog tags to be specific.)

(Not so wonderful about the adverbs explain but the dialog tag one is so informative and some of that might be new to even the people in this comm.)
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Did you think I died? [28 Jun 2014|08:48am]

LOL - so, I'm MIA more often than not and the "daily doozies" have become more of an annual thing. My apologies. RL is what it is, fandom (my teeny little corner) is what it is (not what it was). I'm not reading as much in fandom and what I do read is pretty good and has little to set off a doozie, so.... excuses, excuses. As you may or may not know, RL, now that I've retired from going to work at a school everyday, consists of catching up on twenty years of neglect of yard and house (very much still a wip) and a "part-time" job as a copy and submissions editor for a niche publishing company that is growing by leaps and bounds. The result is that I spend a lot of time reading, and a lot of time thinking about writing, grammar, punctuation, etc. but have little time left over for my own writing (admittedly somewhat influenced by having been writing the same characters for so many years I'm running out of steam) and even less time to think about things like this community.

I'm not leaving it - which is probably how it sounds - just explaining why you rarely see a post anymore. It is a community, though, and any member is welcome to share things with everyone. Doesn't need to be just me. :)

Anyway, in the interest of proving I'm not dead, I want to share this excellent blog entry about working with and around all those "never do this or that" rules that you see given out freely by everyone from actual successful writers to creative writing teachers. This sums up really well that, as important as rules are, knowing how and when to make an exception can set you apart from everyone else who is learning to write. Rules are good, and important to know, but a slavish devotion to any one person's opinion of how you should express yourself is not going to work out well in the long run (unless you are trying to appear to be a clone of said "authority". Here is the text, the link to the blog is below. Enjoy!

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ETA: Just for fun:

 photo 10409575_798250780193914_8272002373793890184_n_zpseea6d4bd.png
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Fun stuff [01 Mar 2014|02:54pm]

Snagged this off a grammar page on FB. Have fun!

 photo 1912129_749560785062914_1811216872_n_zps6f7ffa31.jpg
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which sentence is right and why [02 Feb 2014|10:30am]

I was responding to a video about honey badgers and I wasn't sure which version of this line is correct:

  • I hate it when "dumb" animals are significantly smarter than me.

  • I hate it when "dumb" animals are significantly smarter than I am.

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Grammar stuff - [20 Nov 2013|08:57am]

This was fun and he makes some good points.

I have a whole bunch of links and articles to add to this site, but I have to through and find them all. This one I just grabbed off FB this morning. I'll be back later with some more. Meanwhile, here's what the above link leads to:

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Grammar Grumble Mugs [30 Sep 2013|08:53am]


My half-dead computer refuses to give me the pic, but this link is worth a look.

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8 punctuation marks that are no longer used [24 Sep 2013|03:01pm]

Eight punctuation marks that are no longer used ... except that my aunt says the pilcrow is used in legal documents.
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Bad mod! [07 Sep 2013|04:12pm]

I know I'm totally sucking at posting here and keeping the community going. Sorry! RL editing stuff and FB are eating into my free time. I have good intentions and a folder of things to share, I just lack get-to-it-iveness. (Your word for the day. lol)

Here's something from the Random House FB page:

"We live in a moment and a culture when reading is really endangered. There's simply no way to write well, though, if you're not reading well."
- Jennifer Egan, born September 7, 1962

I like it because it repeats what I used to tell newbie writers when they had obviously been imitating or emulating the wrong authors. You aren't likely to be able to write well until you've seen enough of good writing to know what it is. Seriously. If you read crap.....
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Why yes, spelling does count... [06 Sep 2013|01:31pm]

anus beef
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Did you think I'd died? :) [21 Jul 2013|10:39am]

I know I've been shamefully remise about posting on here (and even worse on the DW version). I should do better. *sigh* Anyway, picked up this link from someone on FB and it is clear and easy to understand. So, if you struggle with subject/verb agreement, this is for you.
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So true.... [30 Jun 2013|12:44pm]


 photo 9261a7e7b8e84928f02b63527a2f1a25_zpse29fe709.jpg

Top 10 Grammar Peeves [30 May 2013|12:06pm]


Is that affect/effect rule correct? Because I never know which to use. I always feel like I'm guessing between those two.
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Yay! [29 May 2013|01:49pm]

Here's link to someone who feels like I do about adverbs and their use. Warning! Those of you who think the best writing advice you can give is to say "never, ever, under threat of death and dismemberment use adverbs in your writing" probably ought to avoid this one. :) The rest of you - enjoy!

*picture me smiling gleefully* - or, if you prefer, *giving a gleeful smile*. Either way, you know what I'm doing, right?
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